We are a private outsourced sales and marketing firm
with a primary goal to help fortune 500 companies increase their productions and assets


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"Personal Touch"


We are all products of our community and our system. World Prime Communications is proud of its own and all the different people that make it an ideal unified community of the United States of America.

We love giving back to the community as a whole because we wouldn’t have made it this far without our friend, families, and all those we come across every day.

We have a high belief in giving back for good causes. At World Prime Communications, we stand by the idea of building together is growing together; and that idea starts with caring for one another.

We appreciate Operation Smile for everything they have been doing for families around the world in order to give them back their lost smiles.

World Prime Communications is and will always be happy to be part of their activities. Same thoughts go to all those people around the world that have big hearts to care enough about the happiness of other people.

We are so fortunate to have men and women who day-in day-out work around the clock to make sure that we enjoy our freedom as much as possible.

It is and will always be an honor for us to always give back to our amazing troops.

Known as the most powerful army in the world, our troops’ determination pushes us to want to know more and do more in business to enhance growth in the marketplace.


Office Headquarters:

901 E. 8TH AVE SUITE 202
King of Prussia, PA. 19406

Phone: 484-908-9895

Email: hr@worldprimecommunications.com